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  • Going to the gym and getting fit can be intimidating and a lengthy process. Due to this, the trainers here at Contour Athletics have created a training facility that is welcoming to all fitness levels. We have developed a program that can help anyone reach his or her fitness in a short period of time.

    With the busy individual in mind, we have created several different options that will appeal to the greater population. In this, we include a boot camp style group-training program that allows individuals to get cardio and strength training in simultaneously. On the other hand, we also offer one-on-one training to individualize the training routine and allow the athletes to benefit from very close personal attention to the training.

    Boot Camp:

    In the boot camp classes, we offer multiple times Monday through Friday each week that clients can just walk in and join the session. These are very good intensity workouts that will break a sweat or two in you. These groups will range from 3-8 individuals training together under the guidance of a personal trainer. With over 20 sessions offered a week, the scheduling will work with everyone. Whether you would like to get a workout in during your lunch break, or a workout in after you get off to avoid traffic, we will make it work for you.

    Once you sign up, you are allowed UNLIMITED SESSIONS every week. Sessions are on a walk-in basis and you are welcomed at any class.

    Clients will be billed on a monthly basis and there is no commitment, sign-up fee, or contract. You pay month to month unless you are on our extended programs for a cheaper price.

    One-on-One training:

    One-on-One training is designed to give the trainers entire attention to you. This is beneficial to people that are looking for a very individualized workout plan for a very specific goal. For individuals completely brand new to working out, a few one-on-one sessions are beneficial to learn certain techniques and workouts.

  • Pricing
    Service Rate
    Personal Training $75 Per Hour
    Bootcamp $175 Per Month
    Nutrition Coaching $75 Per Session
    Gym membership : 40$/mo NO CONTRACT REQUIRED

    All sales are final.


    Address: 16727 Park Row Dr, Houston, Tx, 77084

    Phone Number: 832-581-0550


    The first drive to the gym is a little confusing but very simple. Located across Salata, you will see a building with an Amcrest sign. Drive up the driveway, press the button on the keypad, wait about 30 seconds and the gate will open. Then drive around the building to the gym on the other side. Refer to the picture or give us a call at 832-581-0550 for more instructions.

  • Commonly asked questions:

    • Do I need to be fit before starting?

      No, our program is designed to adhere to all fitness levels. No previous workout experience is necessary.

    • How long will it take to see results?

      As a trainer, it is our job to set up the proper platform for you to succeed. That being said, once you start implementing the proper adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, you will start to notice a rapid drop in weight within the first 2-3 weeks. You will then begin to see tangible results in 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

    • When should I arrive?

      Group sessions and one-on-one sessions start at the hour. Thus it is ideal to arrive about 10 minutes before to park, get ready, and stretch out.

    • Do I need a waiver?

      Yes, you are not allowed to workout at our facility without signing a waiver.

    • Do I need to bring anything?

      You are not required to bring any equipment however you are encouraged to bring water bottles and a towel for yourself. We do however have a water fountain and Restroom/Shower in the facility.

    • What is a typical workout at Contour Athletics like?

      The workouts we do vary each day however they include but are not limited to modern workout, cardiovascular exercise, functional training, flexibility training, balance training, strength training, and basic core training.

    • How long is each session?

      Each session is 55 minutes.

    • Are their refunds?

      All transactions are final.

    • How do I register?

      Please contact us for any questions:
      Phone Number: 832-581-0550